PEARL.sessions – Future Leaders in Research

Exclusive workshops with leading researchers and entrepreneurs

In the 21st century – excellence in science isn’t enough anymore.

Who wants to be first in the international competition of innovation and research more often needs to lead intercultural and /or interdisciplinary teams, built organizations and think in and economical way.

Learning from the best

PEARL.sessions are building bridges between research, entrepreneurship & leadership and show perspectives or additional options to an academic career. The main focus is the transfer of knowledge and the interconnection of research and entrepreneurship. Benefit from the know-how and network of both Austrian and international leading researchers and experienced entrepreneurs and develop yourself and your research.

Workshop topics:

  • 1. Slot, 11/14/2018, Impact Hub, Wien
    – Customer Design Thinking
    – Communication of Sciences

  • 2. Slot, 01/23/2019, Science Park, Graz
    – Market Research /Big Data
    – International Trends in the Researchsystem

  • 3. Slot, tbd, Incubator, Innsbruck
    – IP Strategy
    – Open Science, Open Data

  • 4. Slot, tbd, Lake Side Lab, Klagenfurt
    – Investment /Fundraising
    – (Research-) Supportenvironment

  • 5. Slot, tbd, Austria Tabak Fabrik, Linz
    – Building a Team, Leadership
    – Interdisziplinarität / Interkulturalität (Diversität)

  • 6. Slot, tbd, Salzburg
    – Navigating the tensions between scholarship and entrepreneurship

Take chances and benefit

          • For FWF-promoted researchers of all disciplines
          • For entrepreneurs, who want get to know new ideas of research
          • Exclusive workshops with leading researchers and entrepreneurs
          • At six slots all over Austria – between November 2018 and June
          • Details and registration:

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