About Partnership

Common activities for the Tyrolean start-up ecosystem

The close connection between the Institute for Entrepreneurship Cambridge – Tirol, as an unique and independent institution, and Cambridge is an important component for the establishment of the Tyrolean start-up ecosystem. The positive attitude of all – corporate sector, educational institutions and politics with its institutions – create the basis for common success.

Therefor, I.E.C.T. offers various possibilities of cooperations and partnerships.


A) PERMANENT PARTNERSHIP – regional, national, international

I.E.C.T. and the permanent partner are cooperating with national and international renowned institutions and companies and make a contribution towards the increase of economic performance.

Value of this cooperation is the creation of a basis for the development of technology-orientated start-ups and as a result the positive image transfer. The cooperation will be visible by logo placement on every advertising materials, promotion activities, personal contacts and networks (also to Cambridge and to Cambridge Network).

Achievements/effects of the partnership:

Image transfer and positioning as leading company in respect of the forward-looking and technology-orientated start-up sector

Access to the network of I.E.C.T. with start-ups, national and international institutions in Tyrol/Austria and Cambridge (also to the global network of Cambridge), and many more.

PR-presence (if possible) and logo-placement on all promotional materials of the I.E.C.T.

Own company-page on www.iect.at to present the company (e.g. special offers for start-ups etc. and link to the own homepage)

Invitation to start-up events such as Alpach Summer School, I.E.C.T. – Challenge etc.

Development of mutual (future) concepts for the start-up sector respectively individual elaborated additional services


I.E.C.T. and the project partner invest in the development of education and presentation programmes. The achievements and compensating measures will be defined individual. Currently the Alpbach Summer School and the I.E.C.T. – Challenge can be accompanied as project partner.

Service offer – Alpbach Summer School on Entrepreneurship:

Image transfer as supporter of PhD students and postdocs

Access/contact to the participants of the Alpbach Summer School

Logo-placement on promotional materials of the Alpbach Summer School

Invitation to events of the Alpbach Summer School

Service offer – I.E.C.T. Challenge:

Image transfer as innovative and forward-looking company

Access/contact to the participants of the I.E.C.T. – Challenge

Logo-placement on promotional materials of the I.E.C.T. – Challenge

Invitation to the presentation of the best participants


I.E.C.T. and the service partners advise and supervise – together with mentors – start-ups. Service partners are tax accountants, lawyers etc. We assume that service partners achieve advise for start-ups (as a mentor) without any payment during the initial phase. The service partners receive access and information about start-ups and they have the opportunity to consult them as well. There is no guarantee of success.

Service offer – service partnership:

Image transfer as innovative and forward-looking company

Access/contact to entrepreneurs and start-ups

Logo-placement on the I.E.C.T. website and sundry promotional materials

Access to the I.E.C.T. network

Invitation to I.E.C.T. – start-up events


The associated partner considers itself as supporter of the Tyrolean start-up ecosystem and consequently as supporter of a new entrepreneurship culture.

Service offer – associated partnership:

Image transfer

Logo-placement on the I.E.C.T. website

Access to the I.E.C.T. network

Invitation to I.E.C.T. – start-up events


The I.E.C.T. fosters the merge between ideas/innovations of researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and the industry/SMEs. Together with our regional/national/international network of partners, we determine the need of industrial companies/SMEs and select the existing ideas/innovations or searching other solution approaches.


With the partnerticket for entrepreneurs the partner takes over the costs per participant/team for participation fees of education programmes such as Alpbach Summer School or A3 Camp (Start-up academy)

Service offer – partnertickets:

Ongoing information concerning potential candidates and close contact to sponsored entrepreneurs/start-ups

Logo-placement on the I.E.C.T. website

Opportunity to invest at a later time