I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship 2019

Application deadline: 31st of May 2019

If you have any problems or questions concerning the application form, please contact the team at I.E.C.T. via mail.

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I.E.C.T. blocked rooms for participants in Wattens and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
Accommodation has to be paid on-site by the participant. Any cancellation costs will be forwarded to the participant. If you need help finding a room, we are happy to provide you with recommendations for hotels and guesthouses around the area.

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I have a raw idea which needs to be refined
I have identified a business opportunity and carried out some market research
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Major funding required

Fill out the following questions as accurate as possible

You are allowed to leave blank task windows if you don't know the answer by now. We strongly recommend to use the questions as a roadmap to the Summer School and have the answer by then.

Please describe your business project in one sentence:

When and how did you come up with your idea/project?

Who do you consider your target customers and market?

Who are your competitors?

What is your business model?

How do you see your business developing over the next year?

What do you think are next steps to turn your idea into a business?

The next four questions are only to be answered by applicants who already started a business:

What year was your business founded?

How many people does your business employ?

What is your business's annual turnover, if applicable?

How much funding has your business received, if applicable?

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Please prepare the following documents in english:
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Curriculum Vitae (one page)

Approval of Supervisor (concerning IP)

Motivation Statement (optional)

Letter of recommendation (optional)

If you don't have the documents right now, you can send it later to mh@iect.at.

Registration Procedure

The number of participants is limited to 30. I.E.C.T. will select the participants by their application documents and skype interview. You will be interviewed by one of our experts in order to get to know you and speak about your expectations regarding the Summer School on Entrepreneurship. We would kindly ask you to send us the application form and documents until 31st of May. We will inform you until 28th of June 2019 whether your application has been selected.

For our records

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Idea meets Business *

For the „Idea meets Business“ session on 20.08.2019 we invite industry partners and corporates from Austria to get in contact with participants from the Summer School (all signed an NDA). If you would like to participate and collect future valuable contacts to possible customers or distribution partners, please opt in to use your business idea sentence to find matching partners for your idea.

I declare that I.E.C.T. is allowed to send out my business idea sentence to possible industry partners.


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The data from this form will be held on our central database and used to gather application details for the Summer School programme and for communication during and after the Summer School.

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See cancellation policy

I declare that I.E.C.T. is allowed to use picture, mail address and business idea description for the Course Handbook, which will be given only to contributors at Summer School. I.E.C.T. is allowed to use my data in order to organize my participation and to use images from Summer School for the documentation of the event and for marketing purposes.

The data from this form will be emailed to Magdalena Hauser and Lucas Hauser at I.E.C.T.