I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser

The I.E.C.T. (Institute for Entrepreneurship Cambridge – Tirol) is a private institution – led by entrepreneurs – that pursues the goal of to lead promising ideas and entrepreneurs to success. Our unique positioning results from the following criteria:

  • Pionier and eponym,
    Dr. Hermann Hauser

    Co-founder of the Cambridge Phenomenon

  • Clear orientation

    We produce successful – job creating – entrepreneurs

  • Cooperations

    with important institutions in Cambridge, Austria, and Tyrol

We do not think of ourselves as being in competition with already existing institutions in Tyrol or Austria. Rather, we are a constructive addition to the existing offer! We live and encourage the approach of constructive cooperation. Every single institution contributes to the development of new thinking and acting, and thus to a new entrepreneurship culture in Tyrol.

The close cooperation with various institutions at Cambridge (Judge Business School – Centre for entrepreneurial learning, Hauser Forum, Cambridge Consultants, and others) provides know-how and a worldwide network for our organization. Tyrol, and consequently Austria as a whole, profit from this connection.