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The I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser regularly presents its partners from industry and science who are part of the IECT ecosystem and are represented on our online platform: I.E.C.T. Network

The I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser focuses particularly on research-based start-ups especially in the deep-tech area. Which technologies are particularly exciting for ALPEX Technologies?

Since its company foundation ALPEX Technologies has focused on innovation through application-oriented research and the combination of different specialist areas and disciplines. The focus lies on the industrialization of fiber composite production processes to enable more cost-effective manufacturing of high-performance lightweight composite components. This comprehensive and sustainable approach results in a technological lead in the areas of development, mechanical engineering, structural and process simulation as well as in metrology and automation. This technological edge is combined in a targeted manner with the latest findings on manufacturing technologies for fiber composite components and translated directly into innovative equipment and tooling systems. By combining scientific issues with practical applications, ALPEX Technologies is a strong international player in the lightweight construction community. ALPEX Technologies is open to new ideas, cooperation requests and project ideas and looks forward to hearing from you for possible future collaborations.

The following topics are currently addressed in detail at ALPEX:

  • Turn-Key Tooling Systems and plant engineering in the field of “Automated Closed Mould Production Systems” (RTM, Prepreg)
  • Tooling systems and know-how in the field of: “Advanced Forming” (dry semi-finished products and prepreg)
  • Tooling systems for the production of components in the high temperature range (thermoplastics)
  • Tooling systems for the automated production of hydrogen tanks
  • Tooling systems for high temperature molding processes
  • Simulation, metrology and data processing towards I4.0
  • Automation, digitalization and AI
  • Bio-based composites and circular economy


ALPEX Technologies itself is very innovative and has attracted public attention in recent years through awards and new products. What does ALPEX Technologies see as having particular potential in working with tech startups?

In addition to the further development of ALPEX’s core know-how and existing “product range”, we want to extend our innovations in the lightweight construction environment in several directions:

  • Process monitoring through intelligent tools on our tools to predictive maintenance.
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Software development towards the “digital ALPEX product”
  • New markets and ideas through intelligent use of composite materials
  • Production processes for tomorrow’s automotive and aerospace industries
  • Circular economy and bio-based lightweight construction industry


What requirements should startups have in order for the collaboration to work well? At what stage should the startup be? (Still in the research stage, already in the prototype stage, or already in the product stage)?

The start-up is too “far” if the needs and ideas of ALPEX can no longer be incorporated. Depending on the type of start-up / product of the start-up, the development can continue together, or what has already been developed can be tested / evaluated on our systems.


Is it necessary to have a team?

In case of cooperation, the support and interface to ALPEX will be handled by the company’s internal R&D department. How big the start-up is is not relevant.


E.g. ALPEX is open for proto-customer projects?

In principle yes, but the scope/expectations etc. etc. must be discussed and clarified in advance.


To what extent do ALPEX employees want to get involved?

Gladly in any form, as long as it can be a mutual “win-win”. Expectations/content would need to be clarified in advance.

About Alpex Technologies

ALPEX Technologies is the world’s leading supplier of tooling systems for the production of composite components.

Years of development work as a technology leader as well as profound engineering and manufacturing know-how make us a specialist for highly complex, individual solutions for the production of CFRP components. In-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience from a wide range of applications in CFRP technology, both in the aerospace and automotive sectors, enable us to provide our customers with expert advice right from the early stages of development.

The result is tooling concepts at the highest technical level. We see ourselves as a full-service provider for tooling systems – from development and conception to design and manufacturing, right through to assembly of the complete manufacturing solution.

Contact person: Dr. David Kampenhuber

You have an exciting technology and want to get in contact with Alpex? Register in the IECT Network or contact the IECT Hermann Hauser Team.: Johannes Oberdanner (


Dr. David Kampenhuber

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June 2020

Innsbruck, Österreich

In this interview, we would like to introduce one of our partners, the Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN). The programme supports deeptech start-ups from Asian regions which want to introduce their innovative ideas to the European market – especially in Austria – and commercialise them there.

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