Networking trip to Cambridge

Content of the 2-day programme in Cambridge

  • Austrian investors, corporates and scale-ups are granted access to know-how, networks, key persons and companies from Cambridge and London.
  • Networking of British investors, incubators, networks and start-ups with the Austrian start-up ecosystem.
  • Following the example of Hermann Hauser (UK investor in AT), further investors investing in CEE will be attracted.
  • Visit Amadeus Capital Funds, Hauser Forum and exciting companies in which Hermann Hauser invests.

The target group are existing and interested Capital Partners as well as cooperation partners. The focus is on the transfer of scaling know-how from Cambridge in the form of scale-up programmes to Austria and the creation of active, bi-directional relationships between British and Austrian ecosystems.

You have become curious and would like to travel with us to Cambridge? Would you like to gain an insight into the activities of Amadeus Capital? Lucas Hauser will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.