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Founded in 1822 on charitable principles, Tiroler Sparkasse is the oldest financial institution in Tyrol. From its formation until today, it has always been operating under the premise of creating and ensuring prosperity for the entire region. Throughout the years Tiroler Sparkasse established itself as a modern and innovative full-service bank. With its state of the art online banking system George as well as Telebanking Pro, a business banking service for companies to provide individualized customer experience, Tiroler Sparkasse is adapting to rapid digitization without losing its traditional values.

The company and its subsidiaries employ over 492 highly trained and enthusiastic employees at 52 locations, which serve more than 153,000 customers in Innsbruck city and surrounding areas. With total assets exceeding € 3.85 billion, Tiroler Sparkasse is the paramount financial service provider for companies in Tyrol. Thus, we have a close connection to the Tyrolean economy – the businesses, the entrepreneurs, and their innovative ideas.

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24 international start-ups and numerous mentors and experts were part of the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship 2020, which was offered last year for the first time as a completely digitalised programme.

Read more about the start-ups, the programme and the public events of the I.E.C.T. – Summer School here.

I.E.C.T. - Summer School 2021 fellowship partner

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