Investment for Anyline Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH

Investment for Anyline

European-born innovation heads across the Atlantic as the latest round of funding brings total venture capital investment to $12 million.

Anyline, the market leader in mobile Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will receive a Series A financing of $12 million. The Vienna-based company will thereby further expand its market presence.

Berlin-based Operational VC Project A is leading the financing round, supported by Anyline’s previous investors, which include Hermann Hauser, Johann “Hansi” Hansmann, Senovo and the Gernot Langes-Swarovski Foundation.

The new capital will be primarily invested in the expansion of the team and the opening of the US headquarters in Boston in early 2020. From there, Anyline will open up new international markets and application areas for its innovative and mobile OCR solution, which allows ID documents, license plates and data from measuring devices to be scanned and documented with any smartphone. Anyline therefore works with great efficiency and thus improves the quality of the collected data.


Uwe Horstmann, the responsible partner at the main investor Project A says:

“Anyline offers a superior solution in the computer vision business, valuable to both the public sector and private customers. Apart from their reliable state-of-the-art technology, our decision to invest in Anyline is very much based on their amazing team. We are proud and happy to support Anyline financially as well as with our operational services.”

“To ensure that Europe does not continue to lag behind leading technologies, I invested in Anyline in order to further develop the software together with the founders and market it globally. I’m also returning to my roots here.”

HERMANN HAUSER, recognized the potential of the start-up early on and took an active role as a business angel

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Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH:

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Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH:

How does the Capital Partnership work?

Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH is the venture capital branch within the I.E.C.T. group that manages the investments of Hermann Hauser in Central Europe. We offer other investors to become I.E.C.T. Capital Partner to co-invest in the deals we identify.

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