Kick-off LBG Innovator's Road Fellowship Programme

LBG Innovator's Road Programme Kick-Off

10 start-ups, 3 partners, 1 program: As part of the first event block of the LBG Innovator’s Road Fellowship Programme, the ten start-ups were trained over two days in the areas of product design, market environment, technology development and customer acquisition. 

Keynote speaker Shailendra Vyakarnam (Educator | Mentor | Entrepreneur) Author of Camels, Tigers & Unicorns: Rethinking Science & Technology-Enabled Innovation introduced the participants to the methodologies of his latest book The Scale-up Manual: Handbook for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Firms.



The Innovator’s Road is based on the contents of the Scale-Up Manual – a concept based on years of Cambridge research. The research results were translated into a programme and implemented as a tool with the help of the I.E.C.T. network. Special focus is placed on the TRL (Technical Readiness Level) of the start-ups and the needs behind them in order to enable a structured development path for the participants.

Keynote Speaker Shailendra Vyakarnam (Educator | Mentor | Entrepreneur) Author of the Scale-Up Manual held the opening event of the program at the end of October. His book The Scale-up Manual: Handbook for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Firms combines theoretical knowledge with the experience and expertise of Shai and other key figures from the Cambridge Phenomenon. In the first block of the LBG Innovator’s Road Program, the methods and correct working methods with a scale-up manual were discussed. Special focus was placed on the external vectors.

The special feature of the LBG Innovators Road Programme are the individual mentorings which take place between the modules and which are staffed with various experts depending on the needs of the participants.

The LBG Innovators Road is the first cooperation programme between LBG, NVS & I.E.C.T. and therefore has a pilot character, which has also enabled a special dynamic at the kick-off weekend. The participants as well as the programme managers and speakers were all passionate about the program and very excited about what will happen and be achieved in the coming months. From critical friends to potential investors: precise feedback, critical questioning, and last but not least benevolent words and great interest create a very special and productive framework that will set many things in motion. 


For me it was surprising how naturally the participants got involved in our program and the group. The exchange among each other was intense and appreciative, both on a personal and professional level. The beautiful surroundings and the good food certainly contributed a lot to the fact that everyone felt comfortable. In the evening, not even the rain could stop us from going up to the Gasthaus Vögelsberg and then finding our way back to the hotel on foot in the dark. All in all it was a good kick-off for the LBG Innovator’s Road Programme! 


As a participant in the LBG Innovator’s Road Fellowship Programm, I have already discovered so much value in the mentoring and first workshop, as well as the community! As CEO of Pregenerate, an early stage biotech spinout of the Vetmeduni Wien and TUWien, my team and I are so excited to be included in life science specific startup guidance to market launch. So far, we have found the networking capabilities to be outstanding and look forward to growing our own contact list and contributing to the Austrian and European biotech scene.



A few impressions…

What is the LBG Innovator’s Road Programme about?

The LBG Innovator’s Road Programme was developed by I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser and New Venture Scouting with the Ludwig Boltzmann Society as project sponsor.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Society (LBG) is the central, multidisciplinary research institution at the interface of science and society in Austria. In recent years, the LBG has positioned itself as an incubator for new topics and formats in the research landscape and, with open innovation in scientific methods and their concrete implementation, has achieved the development of previous research policy. The offer of the LBG Innovator’s Road Fellowship Programme tries to take into account the particularities of start-ups from the academic environment and follows their life cycle. It’s tailor-made support promotes the development of start-ups and their founding ideas at the right time.

Comparison of the LBG Programme with Conventional Programmes

Programme components

The programme consists of the following parts:

  • Support and assistance for start-ups on their way to market readiness
  • Individual evaluation of the degree of commercialisation of your research idea and preparation of a roadmap for the ongoing steps
  • Modules and methods based on groundbreaking Cambridge research.
  • 1-to-1 coaching and mentoring sessions
  • The possibility of participating in events, access to marketplaces, financing and experts, but also targeted matching with renowned companies.
  • Peer2Peer learning sessions
Content of the LBG Programme

Overview of participants

  • AIT
  • TU Vienna
  • TU Graz
  • BoKu (Univ. of Natural Resources and Life Sciences,)
  • University Graz
  • University Vienna
  • Philipps-University, Marburg, Deutschland
  • University of Applied Science Fh Technikum Wien
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
  • University of Trient
  • University of Cambridge


  • Software / Manufacturing
  • BioTech
  • Robotics
  • Life Science
  • Semicondutor Industry

If you would like to learn more about the program or the program participants, please contact Klara Brandstätter

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Second Round

The LBG Innovator’s Programme goes into the next round. Together with the programme’s sponsor – the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft – the project partners New Venture Scouting and I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser as well as external experts were able to work in depth with the ten start-ups on the topics of Finance, IP and Leadership & Culture.

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