Start-up Investing book I.E.C.T. - Hermann Hauser part of

Book novelty: STARTUP INVESTING - a practical handbook for investors

I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser ist als Co-Autor an dem Buch STARTUP INVESTING Praxishandbuch für Investorinnen und Investoren beteiligt.  

The topic “Investing in Startups” is becoming more and more important in the Austrian investor community.

Together with the editors Karin Kreuzer and MMag. Stefan Artner as well as other co-authors, the employees of the I.E.C.T. provided insight into the chapter Spin-off Investing.

The I.E.C.T. team was pleased to pass on the entrepreneurial know-how, based on the experience of the Cambridge Phenomenon, in the form of a reference book. For the team, the first edition was a motivating activity, especially in the phase of the university spin-off, to help shape the practical handbook and thus to have made a significant contribution to raising awareness for investors.  

The practical handbook deals with four kinds of questions such as: In what form should be invested in start-ups? What must be taken into account in commercial, technical, legal and tax terms? What do you have to pay particular attention to when selecting start-ups? And how do you professionally end a start-up investment?

The book novelty “Startup Investing” provides an insight and overview and is already being used in the daily work of active startup investors in Austria, Germany and Switzerland to build and expand portfolios.

More information on the book and the authors involved can be found here

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