First Mini-Workshop LBG Innovator's Road

Leadership & Team, Funding and Founding a company:
Insights into the mini-workshop series by I.E.C.T. - Hermann Hauser and New Venture Scouting

At the end of March, Werner Wutscher (NVS) introduced the mini-workshop series of the LBG Innovator’s Road with the topic Leadership & Team followed by Verena Biedermann-Dreiseitl (CEMIT) and lawyer Christof Strasser (42law). The participants were informed via video conference about the importance of these topics for their young company and strategies for successful teamwork, tipps for the funding-applications and founding a company were presented.

The mini-workshop series is the next step on the LBG Innovator’s Roadmap. After the instructive module in Vienna at the beginning of the year, participants of the programme as well as the project partners of New Ventures Scouting and I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser could meet again and share their experiences of the last weeks.

The first workshop was about Leadership & Team and was led and guided by Werner Wutscher. On the agenda were points such as the importance of this topic for start-ups, misunderstandings around the term “leadership” and showed strategies for managing teams and oneself in a leadership position. Tools that can be helpful in leading and managing a team were also presented.

Verena Biedermann-Dreiseitl (CEMIT) was the expert of the second mini-workshop. She is a scientist with years of experience in mentoring start-up teams and digital projects. In her workshop she spoke about financing possibilities in Austria. The participants of the LBG Innovator’s Road thus gained an overview of the financing landscape for companies in Austria as well as valuable information on which steps are relevant for the application process.

Christof Strasser (42law) spoke about setting up a company in the third workshop. The Austrian lawyer is an expert in venture capital, commercial law and tax law. As the founder of his own software start-up, he was also able to speak to the participants from an entrepreneur’s perspective and thus combine theoretical aspects concerning the founding of a company with practical examples.

A special feature of the workshop was that the participants were given space and time to talk about both their own challenges and their successes.

The LBG Innovator’s Road is a ten-month programme and follows the life cycle of a start-up.  This allows partners and experts to adapt the content to the specific needs of the start-ups.

The programme is designed for the scientific staff of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG) and universities, as well as non-university research institutions that have a concrete business idea with an initial concept.  More precisely, the LBG Innovator’s Road is aimed at start-ups in a more mature stage of development with a connection to an Austrian research institution. Specifically, this means companies from the Technology / Communication-Readiness Level (TRL / CRL) 2-3, which describes the stage of a start-up with a functioning prototype or experimental proof of the concept.

The aim is to achieve TRL/ CRL 5, i.e. to achieve a working prototype. Furthermore, during the programme, the start-ups should, with the help of programme managers and experts, secure the financing necessary to bring their product to market.


Thinking about your research project, your product or your technology while reading the last paragraphs? The LBG Innovator’s Road starts a new round this autumn. Apply now and be part of this programme!

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Second Round

The LBG Innovator’s Programme goes into the next round. Together with the programme’s sponsor – the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft – the project partners New Venture Scouting and I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser as well as external experts were able to work in depth with the ten start-ups on the topics of Finance, IP and Leadership & Culture.

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