Final module LBG Innovator's Road

Final step on the roadmap!

9 months, 10 start-ups and numerous mentoring hours with national and international experts – that was the LBG Innovator’s Road 2020. For the final module, all participants and mentors gathered in the Talent Garden in Vienna to jointly take the last step on the roadmap.

Technology patents and spin-offs resulting from university research have a significant impact on regional and social development. In recognition of the importance of academic spin-offs, the field of science and entrepreneurship has received increasing attention and support in recent years. An essential success factor for spin-offs is the entrepreneurial knowledge of the founder. The acquisition of this knowledge is an essential element of the LBG Innovator’s Road.


The programme supports researchers at different levels, based on relevant vectors such as Customer Definition, Distribution, Commercialisation Strategy, Business Model, Tech Development, Manufacturing & Deployment, IP and Talent, Leadership & IP. This means that after this complex programme, the participants of the LBG Innovator’s Road now have a comprehensive knowledge that supports them on their way into entrepreneurship.


Four modules were held in total in Wattens, Vienna and – due to Covid-19 – online, in which the participants received valuable input. The programme consists of lectures by national and international experts from the widespread ecosystem, workshops and discussions as well as individual mentoring sessions. The aim is to support the budding entrepreneurs, the transition from prototype to an early product or service with a sustainable business model.


The acquired knowledge was continuously evaluated with the help of the I.E.C.T. – Network and the PathGraph. This enables the start-ups to graphically record their learning success, evaluate the mentors and indicate which vectors need to be adjusted. Thus the I.E.C.T. – Network not only serves as a bridge between mentors and start-ups, but with the PathGraph it is also a tool for effective evaluation of the status quo and supports the setting of realistic goals.


The almost 10-month programme was completed in the Talent Garden in Vienna at the beginning of July 2020. The participants, programme partners and mentors met and took the final steps on their road map together, in compliance with the current Corona requirements. Hermann Hauser from New Zealand joined in and spoke about leadership – a topic of great importance for the future entrepreneurs and their team. The second keynote was given by Chiraz Ennaceur. She talked about her experiences as an entrepreneur and answered the participants’ questions about entrepreneurship.


We would like to thank the LBG Innovator’s Road participants Carsten Pfeffer, David Wurm, Johannes Hackethal, Julie Rosser, Klemens Wassermann, Mark Dürkop, Matthias Zöhrer, Samira Hayat, Slaven Stekovic and Thomas Auzinger for their participation and motivation and our programme partners of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and New Venture Scouting  for their commitment. 

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September, 2020

Vienna, Austria

Thomas Auzinger and Carsten Pfeffer were awarded first and second place in the GENIUS ideen+gründer preis 2020 by riz up. The two founders were participants of the I.E.C.T. – Summer School and the LBG Innovator’s Road.

We would like to congratulate Thomas and Carsten and are delighted that their ideas have been awarded.

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