Turn your idea into reality Turn your idea into reality Turn your idea into reality I.E.C.T.- Summer School on Entrepreneurship

Programme and Timeline

  1. Onboarding

    Warm-up | Group building

  2. Understanding your market space

    Keynote | Inspirational event: Tirol meets Cambridge powered by Standortagentur Tirol

  3. Marketing Strategy

    Keynote | Mentor Session | Inspirational event: Entrepreneurial Vision with Hermann Hauser | Alumni Night


  4. Business Model

    Keynote | Mentor Session | Inspirational event: State of AI

  5. IP

    Keynote | Mentor Sessions | One-to-One Sessions

  6. Finance & Investment

    Keynote | Group building

  7. Selling your idea

    Keynote | Mentor Sessions |One-to-One Sessions 

  8. Pitch Training

    Keynote | Pitch Training | Inspirational event: Idea meets Business powered by WKO

  9. Demo Day

    Demo Day  | Closing ceremony


Technology Symposium at European Forum Alpbach

The I.E.C.T.– Summer School week

The focus in the 9-day-programme will be on the development of winning action plans for innovative business ideas or projects. The tailor-made support through mentoring and clinics provide competent advice on individual business ideas and specific topics such as investment readiness, technical and market due diligence etc.

The schedule includes lectures, workshops and practical mentor sessions. There are topics for every day, from marketing and business models to teams and finance. These topics relate to the core development of business ideas.

The mentors and facilitators will support the participants in preparing a pitch in front of a panel of investors and entrepreneurs for the last Summer School day.

During the week individual sessions, called 1-to-1 clinics, are offered with lawyers, accountants, marketing experts and other professional service providers to discuss the specific questions of each participant and his or her project.

Application opens in april 2021!

Summer School on Entrepreneurship 2021! Deadline: July 15th 2021 Apply now!


Keynote Session

Each day starts with an inspirational keynote presentation delivered by a highly successful entrepreneur or innovator. These sessions introduce the specific theme of the day, provide background knowledge, an understanding of key issues and the opportunity to consider any specific questions related which you may wish to raise with mentors or experts in subsequent sessions over the coming days.


The workshops continue the theme of the day with practical tools and techniques on the specific topic. A number of highly interactive and targeted workshops are offered.

Mentor Sessions

The mentor sessions enable participants to work more closely with an expert, to clarify the business proposition and to prepare the demo day. Selected participants are placed in mentor groups consisting of approximately five participants to each mentor. These groups are carefully developed to match suitable mentors with participants from similar industry sectors or backgrounds in order to optimize the learning experience. The mentors work with each participant, acting as a sounding board for ideas and providing specialist advice on practical issues. These interactions with the mentor provide the chance to raise questions on topics, issues or angles not addressed within the keynote sessions.

Assistance is also available from high quality facilitators. The facilitators are assigned to each mentor group. They assist with the mentoring process, helping participants to navigate their way around the School, and to progress individual projects through insight derived from their own skills and experience.

One-to-One Clinics

Individual private sessions with lawyers, accountants, marketers and other professional service providers are offered to cover some of the key issues in advancing individual business projects. Participants are able to apply for business, legal and pitch sessions.

Demo Day

Every participant delivers a pitch in private to a panel comprising of entrepreneurs, business angels and venture capitalists. This presentation will be held in a “safe environment” meaning you are allowed to make mistakes and ask for feedback, in order to be able to rely on that when presenting for an investment or funding. The panel will give the participants feedback directly and in written form, which will be sent out to each participant upon completion of the Summer School.

Networking Events

The networking events held during the evenings, enabling participants to continuously communicate, refine and validate their ideas with contributors, such as high-profile entrepreneurs, investors, corporate intrapreneurs and business professionals. They also help to build that vital network of contacts needed to progress business ideas beyond the week.


The I.E.C.T. – Summer School 2021 will also take place completely online this year. In order to ensure a smooth process, the I.E.C.T. team is located in the Werkstätte Wattens, where the Summer School normally takes place.

Werkstätte Wattens is a business and creative centre for founders, start-ups as well as manufacturing and service companies in various stages of development. The focus on technology, innovation, regional value creation and sustainable growth is important.

The Wattens Workshop is an initiative of Destination Wattens Regionalentwicklung GmbH, a public-private partnership between the market town of Wattens and Swarovski to stimulate regional economic development.



24 international start-ups and numerous mentors and experts were part of the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship 2020, which was offered last year for the first time as a completely digitalised programme.

Read more about the start-ups, the programme and the public events of the I.E.C.T. – Summer School here.

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