Who we are

The I.E.C.T. – Institute for Entrepreneurship Cambridge – Tirol is a private institution based in Innsbruck. Its main objective is to help entrepreneurs achieve permanent economic success.

Together with our partners from Cambridge/UK, we offer entrepreneurs an integrated infrastructure and support them with know-how, our nationally and internationally linked network, funding and resources.

Our philosophy is based on the central orientation “We produce successful entrepreneurs”.

What we do

Competence Hub

  • Identify strong ideas below visibility

  • Create service, programmes and network that make the difference

  • Foster and support the activities of corporates


  • Identify the strongest ideas and new technologies

  • Create visibility for dealflow and networks

  • Establish investment-partners

Bridge to Cambridge

  • Identify scale-ups and connect them to Cambridge

  • Establish know-how transfer and network

  • Close cooperation with partners and networks in Cambridge

We make the difference

Together with our partners, we are focusing on the whole value chain for start-ups

Tyrol as a location for start-ups – with the best conditions

It is our mission to excite as many start-ups we are in touch with about the location of Tyrol. This will succeed, if in our region, we increase interest in economically useful research, innervate the general willingness to invest and improve the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge for researchers, developers and entrepreneurs. Therefore we expect a strong increase in innovation, domestic production and service activities.

You want to launch or enhance an enterprise?

  • Idea

    You have an innovative product or business idea?

  • Advice

    For your product or business idea, you need support concerning the construction and the development of a startup company?

  • Capital

    You need capital to establish your company on the market or for scaling?

  • Network

    You are a creative and dedicated person, just missing the national and international connections?

You want to play an important part in the development of entrepreneurship culture in Tyrol?