I.E.C.T. – Network: found, scale, innovate

The online portal I.E.C.T. – Network is a platform that connects researchers/founders, companies, mentors and investors. The purpose of this platform is to initiate and execute founding-, scaling- and innovation-processes.

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Match & Connect with Cambridge-research as a base

The I.E.C.T. – Network is based on a fundamental university research breakthrough from Cambridge. The 3-Chasms Model and its further Development: The 3-Chasms Scale-up Matrix by Uday Phadkem, Shai Vyakarnam and I.E.C.T – Hermann Hauser.

It will allow measurable, systematic, transparent cooperation with inherent matching.

The Scale-up Manual: Handbook for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Firms

by Uday Phadke & Shai Vyakarnam

ISBN-13: 978-1786346261

ISBN-10: 1786346265

One Network for all parts of the ecosystem


The ongoing I.E.C.T. evaluation shows potential founders and early-stage companies a clear development path. Which programmes offer which development possibilities, which ecosystem players, mentors and investors are waiting at the next waypoints and how can those be reached efficiently.

  • Personal connection to highly relevant players of the global I.E.C.T. ecosystem
  • Cambridge-approved know-how in I.E.C.T. – Programmes offline and online
  • First customers and development partners from the I.E.C.T. Corporate ecosystems
  • Help and input from the I.E.C.T. – Mentors
  • Find investors in the I.E.C.T. – Capital Partners pool

Large companies benefit from the revolutionary innovative power of high-growth companies in their early stages. You will find cooperation partners for innovation processes, individual talent and programs to train your own employees in dealing with young innovators. The entrance to the I.E.C.T.-Ecosystem, with its global players in deep tech investment area, holds further scale-up potential.

  • Collaboration with DeepTech talent and founders with revolutionary research and high-growth mindset
  • Cambridge-approved know-how in I.E.C.T. programs offline and online
  • Help and input from I.E.C.T. – Mentors

Our mentors and investors specialise in deeptech founders. They help with know-how and smart money in all phases of corporate development, from early single-product firms to multi-product giants in expansion processes. Some of our programs also focus on the development of mentors and investors themselves.

High-End online portal for trustful communication

    • Online portal on all devices as stand-alone software and browser application
    • Closed, trusting communication system
    • Exclusively communicate within the I.E.C.T. ecosystem
    • Directory of hundreds of international I.E.C.T.-approved researchers and early-stage companies
    • I.E.C.T. and Cambridge-approved learning content
    • 100% GDPR & NDA integration


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