Cambridge – Tirol

The I.E.C.T. – Institute for Entrepreneurship Cambridge – Tirol is a private institution – led by entrepreneurs – that pursues the goal of to lead promising ideas and entrepreneurs to success. Our unique positioning results from the following criteria:


    We produce successful entrepreneurs


    With important institutions in Cambridge, Austria and Tyrol

We do not think of ourselves as being in competition with already existing institutions in Tyrol or Austria. Rather, we are a constructive addition to the existing offer! We live and encourage the approach of constructive cooperation. Every single institution contributes to the development of new thinking and acting, and thus to a new entrepreneurship culture in Tyrol.

The I.E.C.T. offers entrepreneurs an integrated infrastructure and support in cooperation with a regionally, nationally and internationally linked network of partners, especially at Cambridge University and the Hauser Forum.

Together with our partners we are building the bridge between Cambridge and Tyrol and provide:


Individual support for entrepreneurs by creating own education programmes and establishing our network of mentors. Because of the close connection to various institutions in Cambridge, we transfer know-how into the domestic market and help entrepreneurs, to turn their ideas into reality.

Capital and resources

In order to optimally support start-ups with capital and resources, we are cooperating with essential investors and building together with them sustainable investment-constructs.  To realise this, the I.E.C.T. established a workable investment-community led as a club referring to the model of the Cambridge Business Angels – the I.E.C.T. Capital Partners. It is crucial for start-up-ventures, to attain money fast and uncomplicated. The Capital Partners, headed by the Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH, make this available.

Network and contacts

Networking is the core of successful entrepreneurship. The I.E.C.T. not only possesses a network of regional and national partners, but also a broad international network, especially from Cambridge, because of its co-founder Hermann Hauser. Therefore we can enable promising start-ups the global market entry.