We consider ourselves a holistic companion for entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs as well and support companies with know-how, project monitoring on an equal footing, and a broad network of investors, partner companies, funding agencies, etc.

  • We act independently, but not alone.

  • We regard all existing initiatives in a cooperative way.

  • We network on a regional and supra-regional basis.

  • We are an important hub for international networks.

We don’t just tell you how it should be done – we do it.

For all interested, we establish possibilities to meet on a regular basis, to exchange views, and to present ideas. We are a driving force in the establishment of a strong, independent startup culture in Tyrol. We see Tyrol as the center – as a magnet for the entire Alpine and pre-Alpine region. Based at this hub, we develop companies for which, with the help of Cambridge, we make possible an international presence as well as international development and scaling.

Together we expedite the awareness and the culture of the new, value-centered and entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting. In the end, all contributing partners benefit from the independence of the I.E.C.T. The I.E.C.T. considers itself a link between all initiatives and supports the vision of internationally positioning Tyrol as a startup-friendly location.

In order to raise new awareness, to develop a new entrepreneurial culture, and for entrepreneurship to gain momentum, a corresponding ecosystem is needed. An inspiring and consequent entrepreneurial institution like the I.E.C.T. brings about an increase in qualification, in the number of companies and jobs, more productivity, and more economic sustainability for Tyrol and Austria, as well as internationally.

Our philosophy is based on the central orientation “We produce successful – job creating – entrepreneurs”. This means that the I.E.C.T. helps potential entrepreneurs become successful businessmen and –women and sustainable companies.

As a non-publicly funded institution, it is our personal interest that the entrepreneurs guided and coached by us are successful. Only through producing successful companies it is possible for the I.E.C:T. to achieve sustained success. This is why it is so important for the I.E.C.T. to play a continuously supporting role for newly founded businesses.

Support of entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas
We recognize the strengths and identify the potentials of each entrepreneur and consequently develop an individual itinerary. This itinerary aims at reducing and eliminating deficits, and we also offer partnering and training tools in order to compensate the deficits of a business.

Creating individual business ideas and establishing contacts with entrepreneurs
Due to the multidimensional network of the I.E.C.T., we recognize product and business ideas with good prospects for success. From our pool of potential entrepreneurs, we then put together teams that are able to realize these ideas.