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The specialized ribosome technology platform |  (Ribosome Technology Platform) | Trento, Italy 



Research tools for gene expression analysis at the ribosomal level.

IMMAGINA is all about ribosomes, their isolation and analysis. They have developed different Kits  (RP RiboLace, RiboMINATI or RiboNext ) that are used by renown research institutions like Harvard University to do RNA sequencing. Ribosomes are macromolecular complexes in cells where proteins are produced. This happens under the influence of mRNA that copies the information of a gene in the DNA and bring it to the ribosome. This process leads to protein biosynthesis. One use case of RNA analysis could be to understand how cancer cells grow. The RNA market is currently at an early stage of development, but it can gain the same importance like the DNA market already has today.


Massimiliano Clamer


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