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More than Metrics

Digital tools and tangible resources for CX and service designers |  (IT Software) | Innsbruck, Austria



Smaply | ExperienceFellow | Mr. Thinkr

More than Metrics offers tools and stuff for service design, design thinking, ux, cx and related fields: Smaply ( is a web-based software to visualize customer journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps. The tool enables teams to collaborate, collect and give feedback and create high-quality exports. ExperienceFellow ( combines a free smartphone app and a web-based software to research customer experience. Conduct highly efficient customer experience research, codify results, make high-quality exports. mr. THINKR ( is an online shop that offers hands-on workshop material. Order large pen-and-paper templates for workshops or shop essential gimmicks for the ambitious CX designer.


Marc Stickdorn & Klaus Schwarzenberger


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