The State of A.I.

Friday, 18th August 2017, 18:00

Werkstätte Wattens, Wattens/ Tyrol

co-hosted by I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser & Werkstätte Wattens

Ride the 6th wave of computing – or drown?

A discussion on intelligent machines, human principle and economic benefits – and its meaning for Austrian players. Times are changing, fast – A.I. disrupts every single part of our lives and is going to happen sooner than expected.

Question is: How can this vastly complex topic be broken down into more comprehensible, manageable pieces?

Grab the chance and hear top-level experts like Hermann Hauser, Alois Saria and Robert Trappl discussing necessary next steps for Austria towards a future where A.I. is not a threat but a transformation for us to co-create.


Hermann Hauser
Hermann HauserFounder I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser und CEO Amadeus Capital Partners

More about Hermann Hauser

Hermann Hauser, fellow of the Royal Society, of the Institutes of Physics at the Royal Academy of Engineering and honorary fellow of the Kings College, is a worldwide recognised and successful computer- and venture capital entrepreneur.

He got well known due to his involvement in ACORN Computer 1978, who developed the ARM processor, which can be found in billions of mobile phones today. In 1997 Hermann Hauser founded, together with Anne Glover and Peter Wynn, Amadeus Capital Partners and a couple of other very successful companies in the years after. He founded the Hauser Forum in Cambridge which contains among other things an ideaSpace, Cambridge Enterprise and Cambridge Networks. All these institutions help start-ups to create a successful venture.

He co-founded the I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser and Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH together with his cousins Josef and Johannes Hauser to enhance the potential of start-ups in the alpine region and invest in deep tech start-ups with high scalability.

Robert Trappl
Robert TrapplHead of the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)

More about Robert Trappl

Robert Trappl, born 1939, is the Head of the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI), a non-for-profit independent research institute with currently 23 employees. It is one of the leading research institutes in this area, having been e.g. partner or coordinator of more than 30 multinational projects, funded by the European Union. It is further partner in the „Human Brain Project“, one of the two Flagship Projects of the European Union.

Robert Trappl obtained a B.Eng. („Ingenieur“) in Electrical Engineering, a Diploma in Sociology of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, a Ph.D. in Psychology with a Minor in Astronomy, and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in General Management. He is Professor Emeritus of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Vienna, and he is lecturing at this University, the Medical University of Vienna, and, beginning in the Fall Term 2017/18, at the University of Applied Arts.

Robert Trappl published more than 180 scientific papers and he co-wrote, edited and co-edited 35 books, most recently „A Construction Manual for Robots’ Ethical Systems“, Springer, Switzerland.  He is Editor-in-Chief of „Applied Artificial Intelligence“ and „Cybernetics and Systems“, both published in the U.S.A.

In his spare time he performs contemporary dance. Recently he was invited to hold a workshop at the Impulstanz Festival 2017 which has the title „Artificial Intelligence Dance“.

Alois Saria
Alois SariaHead of the Department of Experimental Psychiatry at the University Hospital of Psychiatry, Innsbruck Medical University

More about Alois Saria

Prof. Dr. Alois Saria: Internationally leading brain researcher. Head of the Department of Experimental Psychiatry at the University Hospital of Psychiatry, Innsbruck Medical University. He is a member of the Human Brain Project, an EU Horizon 2020 FET flagship project, and head of the Education Division (interdisciplinary training of 500-1000 brain science PhDs). Headed as highly cited researcher by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Great honorary sign for services to the Republic of Austria.


Clemens Wasner
Clemens WasnerFounder/ CEO -

More about Clemens Wasner

Clemens is a Partner at EFS Business Consultancy and founder & CEO of
He has advised automotive clients across the globe, ranging from innovation strategy and competency management to traditional automotive topics such as brand- and portfolio strategy and product optimization.
Having spent a decade in Japan and China, he gained a deep understanding of the Asian technology and industry landscape, which made him a frequent contributor for international publications such as the Financial Times or Automotive News.
With his new venture he set out on a mission to empower European SMEs to maintain and increase their global competitiveness by applying Artificial Intelligence.

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