Strategy Support

The bridge between start-ups and industry

The I.E.C.T. promotes the combination of ideas/innovations by researchers, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses and industry. We see ourselves as bridge builders within the meaning of the individual needs and objectives.

Together with our regional, national and international network of partners, we explore the needs of the industrial company and we select the existing ideas/innovations by looking at our Innovation Partner Pool specifically for the desired solutions.

On one hand, running the cooperation – especially at the beginning – in several phases and on the other hand this will develop in the next result – if desired – consulting and support activities.

Phase 1

Introductory conversation

  • Introduction of both companies and strategic goals
  • Personal contact and common understanding about the goals
  • Preparation of a framework

Phase 2

Definition of need of innovation

  • Inquiry of current state and target markets
  • Identification/inquiry of potentials
  • Definition of innovation fields

Phase 3

Preparation and implementation

  • Preparation and structuring of received information
  • Common passage of the contents
  • Definition of further steps and recommendations for action

Implementation variants

Basis further steps/recommendations for action

The modules can be used individually, several modules combined or taken as a single package upon request. Of course, this can still develop from the recommendations to further individual modules.

Variante A


  • Consulting and coordination achievement
  • Alliances to universities/education institutions
  • Alliances between all essential organisations
  • Targeted start-up-scoutings/introductory conversations
  • Monthly lists with current start-ups (in the desired fields of innovation)

Variante B

Internal Startup-Pitching

  • 10 – 15 start-ups
  • 1 day on site in the company
  • Internal fair (Pitching and exhibition)
  • Low-threshold, broad access for many employees

Variante C

Innovation Camp

  • Chosen start-ups across a predefined search field
  • Aim: Generating of new business ideas
  • Start-ups and internal employees
  • Creation of ideas and teams
  • Development of tangible business ideas
  • Employees will be actively integrated (in contrast to internal start-up-pitching)

Combination with further programmes/networks

  • Participation at I.E.C.T. Challenge, Academy, etc. with own tender of topics

  • Network and direct contacts to Cambridge

  • Invitation to all essential projects at the network of I.E.C.T.

  • Inclusion into the current dealflow of the I.E.C.T. Capital Partners.

Image transfer

  • Image transfer – support of the start-up ecosystem

  • Image transfer – innovative company

  • Permanent Partnership – for all activities

  • Project-Partnership – for projects such as Alpbach Summer School, I.E.C.T.-Challenge, I.E.C.T.-Capital Partners