We invest in successful entrepreneurs About I.E.C.T.

We develop entrepreneurs from the research idea to the unicorn.

We are an essential motor for the development of young, promising, international entrepreneurs / start-ups / scale-ups and strengthen Austria as a business location (especially Tyrol) through new companies and new jobs.

We create networks across all industries – be it ecosystems, serial entrepreneurs, investors, business angels, start-ups, universities or established companies. We generate new knowledge and successful new projects on a national and international level. After all, we invest in the most promising ideas in research, science and technology.


Our goal is to build an ecosystem in which great ideas can grow, research results can contribute to improving our world and successful companies can be founded. We cannot achieve these ambitious goals alone. Our philosophy is therefore to work together with various partners to make our vision a reality by joining forces.


As our umbrella brand I.E.C.T. consists of two companies: The I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser Management GmbH
(I.E.C.T.) and Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH (HHI), we can pass on know-how and expertise to researchers, early-stage entrepreneurs and scale-ups, as well as integrate them into our network, bring them together with mentors and advise them on financial problems.


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Pioneer and eponym,

Dr. Hermann Hauser

Co-founder of the Cambridge Phenomenon

As a pioneer and main driving force behind the I.E.C.T. is Hermann responsible for the international recognition and credibility of the company’s competence. Dr. Hermann Hauser has become the worldwide figurehead of successful entrepreneurship.

Hermann Maria Hauser (* 1948 in Vienna) is an Austrian engineer, computer and venture capital entrepreneur residing in the UK. He played a central role in the founding of numerous companies in Silicon Valley (Silicon Fen) near Cambridge. As a student, Hauser attended a language school in Cambridge. He studied physics at the University of Vienna (diploma) and completed his PhD at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge.

Hauser was probably most visible for his contribution to the founding of Acorn with Chris Curry in 1978. The company developed personal computers in the United Kingdom. Among others, the BBC Micro (developer Steve Furber, Sophie Wilson) and the very successful ARM processor, which was later used millions of times in e.g. the production of mobile phones. The company was founded with 100 pounds, and after only 5 years the company had a stock exchange value of 200 million.

Since then, Hermann Hauser has invested in more than 120 companies with his venture capital fund Amadeus Capital and supports start-ups as a business angel.

Josef Hauser


Magdalena Hauser


Johannes Hauser

Co-Founder, Investment

Jasmin Güngör

Investment Manager, Authorized Officer

Klara Brandstätter

Managing Director

Lucas Hauser

Investment Manager

Johannes Felder

Corporate Communication, Project Lead

Kathrin Mayer

Investment Team, Back Office

Johannes Oberdanner

Corporate Relations / External Consultant

Johannes Oberdanner

Alena Platzgummer

Project Management

Andreas Streiter

Project Management

Shailendra Vyakarnam

International Team Support Cambridge

Yupar Myint

International Team Support Cambridge

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