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Hermann Hauser Investment in future autonomous charging standard

The Matrix Charging® charging solution from Easelink closes the gap between e-mobility and autonomous driving.
Which three major trends will change the concept of mobility in the future and what role does Easelink play in this?

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Hermann Hauser and Hermann Stockinger, founder of Easelink GmbH and alumni of I.E.C.T – Summer School, share the same vision: shaping a sustainable future

Hermann Hauser sees three major trends changing mobility: the electrification of the vehicle powertrain, mobility as a service and autonomous driving. This forces OEMs to adapt their powertrain configurations and as well as setup changes of the charging infrastructure by charge point operators. The more autonomous electric vehicles get, the more important automated charging systems become. Easelink, a deep-tech company, is about to close this missing link by developing an automated charging solution “Matrix Charging®” for electric vehicles. This automated charging system proves its potential with a high performance, efficiency and user comfort. Any parking time can be converted into charging time. 

The charging system consists of two components: the Matrix Charging® Connector which is integrated on the vehicle underbody and the Matrix Charging® Pad which is the infrastructure component integrated in the parking space. Both elements set up a highly effective conductive and automated connection to charge the vehicle. 

Currently, several prototypes of Matrix Charging® are tested in urban city pilot projects and showcase the potential of the technology usability. A high scalability rate of Matrix Charging® can be achieved by licensing models within the automotive and infrastructure industry. 

Hermann Hauser joined Easelink as an investor to contribute in making the ground-breaking technology Matrix Charging® a standard for automated conductive charging in e-mobility. 

About Easelink

The new standard for automatic charging.

Easelink industrializes Matrix Charging®, the first automated conductive charging technology that has no moving parts outside the vehicle. The vision behind the technology is to use all possible parking times of electric vehicles as charging times through an automated charging connection at the respective parking place. The Matrix Charging® system consists of two components: A vehicle unit in the vehicle underbody (Matrix Charging® Connector) and a charging plate in the parking surface (Matrix Charging® Pad). As soon as the vehicle is parked in the car park above the charging pad, the vehicle is automatically charged through the direct physical connection.

Park and charge.

Electric cars with Matrix Charging® systems automatically charge when parked over a Matrix Charging® pad. Connector and pad communicate via a secure wireless connection. Once the vehicle is parked in the parking lot above the pad, the vehicle is automatically charged through the direct physical connection. An intelligent charging management system permanently controls and monitors the charging process.

The main components.

Matrix Charging® Connector

The Matrix Charging® Connector houses all moving parts. Because of its light weight, smart design and adaptable geometry, it can easily be retrofitted in any electric vehicle.

Supported by gravity, the Connector performs a vertical, unidirectional movement to connect the vehicle with the Matrix Charging® Pad.

Matrix Charging® Pad

The Matrix Charging® Pad can be easily installed in any parking lot. It is also possible to integrate the pad with the parking surface to create a level parking area.

High-quality materials, a flat design and the absence of moving parts make the Pad very durable. It can withstand all weather influences, can be driven over without restriction and is vandalism-proof.

Hermann Stockinger live

Hermann Stockinger will hold the Alumni Keynote at the I.E.C.T. – Summer School. Pre-register now to get your ticket for the event!


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May 2020

Vienna, Austria

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David Wurm – alumni of the Summer School 2019 and current participant of the LBG Innovator’s Road – was nominated for the Rudolf Sallinger Award. A prize known for bringing promising early-stage commercialization ideas to the stage.

From the idea at the beer table to the €500,000 pitch that laid the foundation for the further course of the project – David gives insights into his life as a young entrepreneur-to-be, the team and his experiences with the programmes and the network of I.E.C.T.

I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship

Hermann was a participant of the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship in 2016. The programme encourages start-ups to turn their ideas into reality and start-ups at different stages of development in order to be able to respond to the individual needs of young entrepreneurs.

You have an idea with market potential, but need support in its implementation and have become curious? Find out more about the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship here.

I.E.C.T. – Fellowship programme

The I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser is pleased about the future cooperation with the Tiroler Sparkasse, which would like to support a start-up in the form of a fellowship at the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship this year again.

With our Fellowship programme, innovative entrepreneurs support start-ups with financial means but also with their years of experience and existing network. This cooperation leads to an intensive exchange of ideas and a growth that guarantees success.

Your benefits as a Fellow

As a Fellow, the company pays for your participation at the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship and supports you with €700,-.

At the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship you will be presented as a Fellow of the company in our Course Handbook and at the opening event and the company will support you.

You will not only benefit from the financial support but also from the cooperation and the years of experience of the company.

LBG Innovator's Road

Your product or your technology is already in a higher stage of development and you want to be accompanied by experts on your further way? Then the LBG Innovator’s Road is the programme for your start-up. Find out more here or send us your application!

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