The idea

I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship will show participants the way to successfully commercialize their ideas by guiding them through the processes of protecting their ideas, investigating and pinpointing the market, raising finance, building teams and selling their ideas. It has been specifically designed for the budding entrepreneur or corporate innovator who requires practical know-how in the development of a new business.

I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship provides tools on how to start a business, valuable contacts with renowned entrepreneurs and experts and encourages post-docs and students to turn their ideas into reality.

This intensive week will focus on the development of winning action plans for new business ideas through mentored due diligence and on the development of a process for next steps of taking the idea forward in the commercial area.

This programme is organised by I.E.C.T. in cooperation with University of Cambridge and the European Forum Alpbach.

For whom

The target group of the Summer School are Master and PhD students, post-docs and researchers from the fields of technology, science, advanced engineering, life science, physics, mathematics, IT and AI as well as early-stage start-ups with technology or science projects.

You are the right person to attend the Summer School, if you answer one of the following questions with YES:

Do you have an idea which you think can be turned into a business?

Are you ready to take the next steps and make your business innovation a reality?

Are you working on a research topic, that has the potential to be commercialized?

You have an idea. You may already have started to implement it, but you are lacking the right network to launch your business successfully?


Profit from a successful running programme from the University of Cambridge combined with the national and international I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser network.

Hard Skills

Understand the process of taking novel technologies to market.

Determine the best business models and marketing strategies.

Set the right milestones to implement your idea and improve your entrepreneurial skills.

Gain the inspiration, motivation and tools required to take the next steps in terms of commercializing ideas and progressing a global business.

Soft Skills

Meet and experience global mentoring from senior entrepreneurs and be part of a vibrant, like-minded community.

Have a great week to accelerate your ideas and develop key entrepreneurial skills and contacts to exploit new ideas.

Improve social networking skills and learn how to tell your story right to convince potential investors, new team members or your first customer.

Alumni 2015 – 2018

Where do our participants come from?

Level of Education

Field of Research

Quantum Technologies


Advanced Materials


Distributed Systems

Smart Sensors

Genome Engineering


Machine Learning

Big Data

3D Printing

Synthetic Biology

Partners we love to share our vision with.

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