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I.E.C.T. - Online Network

The I.E.C.T. – Network brings years of research results from Cambridge into practice and thus makes the know-how available for founders, researchers and partners of the I.E.C.T.. Start-up, scaling and innovation processes are initiated and implemented.

The online portal I.E.C.T. – Network is a platform that connects researchers, companies, mentors and investors willing to start a business. 

The network offers all participants and users of the network an online ecosystem that triggers start-up, scaling and innovation processes. The users of the network are accompanied and supported by the developed mentoring program and feedback loops for the advancement and conversion of their innovative ideas. 

The structure of the I.E.C.T. network is based on the contents of the Scale-Up Manual – a concept based on years of research from Cambridge. The network functions as a tool that puts the research results from Cambridge into practice and thus makes them usable for participants.

Special focus is placed on the TRL (Technical Readiness Level) of the start-ups and the needs behind them in order to enable a structured development path for the participants.

More information can be found in our I.E.C.T – Network Folder.

Registration for the network is possible here

The I.E.C.T. – Network is already used as a tool and methodology for the LBG Innovator’s Road Programme. If you are interested in an exchange about the I.E.C.T. – Network – be it as a start-up, mentor, expert, company or investor – please contact us:

The Scale-up Manual: Handbook for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams and Firms
by Uday Phadke & Shai Vyakarnam

ISBN-13: 978-1786346261
ISBN-10: 1786346265

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