Our focus

We promote Science Based Entrepreneurship and invest in DeepTech. Our geographical focus lies on Central Europe – but this is more a benchmark than a knock-out criteria. Our sweet spot are initial investments in the seed stage. We participate in follow-on rounds and deliver an added value through our network of co-investors. The IECT Summer School on Entrepreneurship is one of our programmes that has been designed for international researches who want to make their innovations and IPs market ready. Summer School alumni very often found quite interesting spin-offs which we also consider for our portfolio.

Team Produkt Ticketgröße Bewertung
PRE-SEED essentialy existing MVP € 25.000 to
€ 50.000
< € 2 Mio
SEED essentialy existing Ready for market € 100.000 to
€ 1 Mio.
€ 2 Mio. to € 5 Mio
SERIES A complete scalable > € 1 Mio € 5 Mio. to  € 20 Mio.


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