Selection criteria and costs


The Summer School addresses itself to academics, who want to commercialize or transfer their high scientific ideas and have experience in the fields of technology, science, advanced engineering, life science, physics, mathematics, IT or AI as well as to early-stage start-ups with science and technology projects.

Personal criteria

Applicants currently in pre-start-up stage/initial stage are in no need of a business plan.

Candidates should possess an ambitious and energetic mind set.

The owner/originator of the idea or key member of the team in the business/ project is preferable.

Fluency in English. Participants need to discuss their businesses with their mentor, other contributors and fellow colleagues during the week and must pitch their idea to the investors in English.

Selection process

Candidates must submit the online application for the E.C.T. – Summer School by the extended of 31st May 2020.
The number of participants per project or start-up is limited to one person.

Once we receive your application, the I.E.C.T. – Team will contact you for a skype interview. The project will be assessed in terms of innovation, novelty and sustainability. The project idea descriptions will be also measured with the help of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2-4. The NASA TRL defines the stages of technological development of a project. The Technology Readiness Levels 2-4 reassess the research to prove the feasibility of a technology.

After detailed review applicants will receive an acceptance or refusal by the beginning of July 2020.

All the participants who are accepted on the Summer School are required to prepare a pre-course assignment. This comprises background reading and a short task identifying the key issues of the proposed project in the specific areas of marketing, business models, finance, team, etc. The aim is to encourage comprehensive preparation so that you can make the most of the Summer School.



Participation fee

The number of participants is limited to 30 outstanding researchers and the overall fees amount to 1.800 € excl. VAT. This fee includes all programme sessions, course materials and meals. Lodging and travel expenses are not included.



Accommodation can be arranged for the participants by I.E.C.T., nevertheless accommodation has to be paid by the participants! Further details will be advised once the application has been accepted and confirmed. If participants would like to arrange alternative accommodation, please let us know via the application form.


Cancellation policy

All fees must be paid in full by 1st August 2020. Our contract with you commences when we write to confirm that we have accepted you as a participant on the I.E.C.T. – Summer School programme.

We regret that a fee must be charged when a confirmed booking is cancelled:
·       01.08 . – 15.08.2020

50% of the fee is payable

·       from 16.08.2020

100% of the fee is payable