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Strengthens the digital corporate structure via Live Support

Sensolligent’s products, such as Digital Twins and virtual and augmented reality applications, are mainly used in industry and mechanical engineering, because: “Simulations are the work tool for engineering!”

Michael Gruber, CEO of Sensolligent, was able to learn valuable basics for the further development of his idea through his participation in the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship in 2017. One year later, co-founder Martin Hrast also participated in the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship. The goal of the two of them and the team: The development of a user-friendly and customer-specific 3D simulator, which should simplify the work in industry and mechanical engineering.

A strength of Sensolligent simulators is the specific adaptation to the customer and the industry, which can be achieved by regular exchange and individual support. The partners are part of the development and research.

In addition to Digital Twins, AI-Trainings, AR-Solutions, VR-Solutions and Consultings, Sensolligent has a wide range of products in its portfolio. The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and its spread in Europe has also prompted them to take action. The company now also offers help in the field of communication and has thus expanded its product range to provide SMEs and industry with the best possible support during the current challenge.

The I.E.C.T. – Team is pleased about the positive development of the company and the cooperation with the Sensolligent team.

More about Sensolligent:

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I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship

The I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship has been able to provide the company with the first basics and structures for its start-up.

Do you have an idea that you think has market potential, but need support in its implementation? Then apply for the I.E.C.T. – Summer School on Entrepreneurship and take the next steps together with I.E.C.T. – Hermann Hauser and his international partners and experts and let your innovative idea become reality!

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